We Get Our Nails Done.

I’m having a tough time with myself at the moment. Life has really imploded and I’m taking a step back to look at things. I’m actually pretty disappointed in myself and my apparent close mindedness over the years.

I’ve always been a supporter of equality, of everyone being equal and really disliked the fast that gender or sex could play a role in any decisions. For some dumb reason, I thought that we, as a society were past most of the issues women faced in the workplace and in life today. And it took a massive explosion for me to realize, that just isn’t true. Not one damn bit.

And in a world where women are still seen as weak, and needy and unable to excel without the help of a man to save the day, we have to somehow still fight to be strong, to stand tall, and to not fall victim to the chatter of others in our moments of success. We live in a world where some men look down on us, manipulate us, and emotionally distress us, yet other women aren’t on our side either. We bash one another judge weight, clothes, career choices or lack there of, and we as women spend so much time feeling honestly alone.

Yet somehow, in all this time that we are supposed to support ourselves but are also forced into being taken care of, we as women are still left to pick up the mess left from everyone and everything else. It’s what we do, it’s how we function. We clean up messes, we nurture the scared, the hurt, the damaged, we organize the chaos and somehow we are supposed to still stay strong.

So in all the havoc of the world. All the requirements, the judging, the pain and lonely life we often live as women, I feel an overwhelming need to remind my daughter, that whatever mess she ends up following in life, whatever mountain of clutter she decides to tackle, that she always, ALWAYS needs to make time for herself, to take care of herself. There should be something that is hers, that she does, without guilt, without question, that just lets her sit. And be, and experience and relax what it is to be truly taken care of, with no strings attached to a clean home or fed children or a successful office.

For me, that has always been getting my nails done. I like it. I feel like a lady, but I get to share my creativity through my nail art, and get to feel the power of being a well groomed woman, while enjoying letting someone else do the work for once. My daughter, she’s only six. But every time I go to get my nails done, I now take her. I get her nails painting. I let her relax and enjoy being taken care of. I get to simultaneously teach her lessons in how to treat people, how to tip and even how to not address foreign accents loudly and publicly.

Because in this world, where we are starting to see all work, no play and no way to be right, I need my daughter to remember she is worth being pampered. She is special. And she deserves something of her own.


3 thoughts on “We Get Our Nails Done.

  1. Very well put. I feel as though we as women must straddle a fence of duplicity with ourselves as the unintended target. Hooray for you and being proactive in perpetuating a positive change in the mindset of our female youth.


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