It’s Still an Aviary.

Every time I start to feel happy and content with my flock, something happens. My little HappyBird fell off his swing today. He hit the bottom of his cage and laid there clenched up and rolling around. I carefully got his stuff wing out and held him while he breathed heavily and flinched ever so slightly while blinking at me. I initially thought his passing would be quick. So I sat there and I held him.

He didn’t go quick though. He seized and wiggled and sat there in pain. I couldn’t wait and watch him suffer. I raced off down the street, praying that the emergency vet would be open despite the upcoming hurricane, and I took my little lime green HappyBird to finally end his pain.

I lost one of my babies today. My face is smeared with mascara, my heart hurts like hell, and Im terrified to ever own a parrotlet again. But I still have 5 other feathered babies to care for. So I must pick my head up and carry on. But dear lord, I hope nothing else needs to travel the rainbow bridge anytime soon. I’m not sure I can keep doing this.


Rest Well Sweet HappyBird.


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