By Definition, it’s an Aviary.

Hi there! I’ve made a decision. I run an aviary. It sounds dedicated, fancy, and by definition, I say it is undoubtedly true. When one Google’s  “aviary definition” the internet proudly displays a single sentence. And that sentence, says an aviary is “a large cage, building, or enclosure for keeping birds in.”


And my home, it houses six birds. Now I know, crazy-bird lady, zoo, and “what the hell is wrong with that woman” seem like fitting titles to my current household situation. But instead, I’d like to give it a positive connotation. Something that implies love, care, dedication. And so… I’ve decided aviary will be my official term for my home.

Why? Because birds are the most amazing creatures I’ve ever encountered in my entire life. Not only are they smarter than a large number of people I know, but I’m also guaranteed to never be left confused by them. Birds aren’t passive aggressive. They don’t pretend nothing is wrong when they are obviously mad at me, they don’t give me fake emotional stories, and they sure as hell don’t start office drama. They love me, or they bite me. So moods aren’t too hard to figure out either. I like to think of my birds as my loving best friends/room mates. They are there for me, always. They give me shit but always make me laugh. They eat all my snacks but never wash the dishes. They go to bed early and wake me up early. But they are the light of my day, and my life. And if you’ve never experienced what bird ownership is like, you’re truly missing a beautiful thing.


3 thoughts on “By Definition, it’s an Aviary.

  1. Awww … I love this. We have 2 Tourquoise Indian Ringneck. The boy is Turk and the girl is Blue. He is not tame enough to handle. She is, but ONLY goes to my husband. She hates all females. They are so funny. I never thought birds could have their own character but they really do.


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