Official “Assistant” Squirrel Rescuer

So, anyone who knows me knows I have a ridiculous passion for animals. Some might call it a problem. I like to think of it as a skill, a positive trait even. I’ve worked with everything from kittens to birds, to mice to dogs to ferrets, snakes, rats, goats, chickens, ducks,horses, chinchillas and even tarantulas. As of last weekend, I was able to add baby squirrels to my growing resume of animal experience. My “nieces” Eenie, Meenie and Miney came to stay with me for an entire week while their “mama” was on vacation! This week included the responsibility of feeding three baby squirrels through tiny syringes four times a day, as well as assisting with container comfort, clean up and play time. While 5am was painful at times, it is definitely one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with helping animals. I cannot wait to help more!

Baby squirrels are too cute. Fact. You can call them rodents, tree rats, whatever you like. But it won’t stop those tiny paws and big eyes from being the cutest damn things you’ve ever seen as they are sucking down formula. While they only have bottom teeth at this point, turns out you don’t need top teeth to bite. Juuuuust so you know, it can still hurt!

Claws. Turns out adorable, tiny, baby squirrels have adorable, tiny razors attached to their adorable, tiny paws. It’s all fun in games until they climb into your pajama shirt. Especially when one managed to find your nipple. Crying is OK when this happens. I will not judge!

Best of all, these babies wouldn’t have made it if it weren’t for rescues and caring individuals. Because of their mama’s big heart, their over enthusiastic auntie and their future with a local squirrel rescue, these babies get a life they would have never seen otherwise.



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