The Light Within

I’m a skeptical person. A curious person. A naturally questioning person. And I spend a lot of time questioning life, the point of it, what may or may not be after. Sometimes its hard to justify the existence of a God, of a being that controls it all but somehow still allows tragedy and pain. But the things that happen every day, the things that hurt the most help me along the way. I lost a friend today. The world lost a friend today. Within the pain and the disbelief of the world losing such a beautiful person, a person who was too young to leave, I find hope.

We all have this light within us that is our soul. It’s there. For every single one of us. But some people, their light is brighter. Their light shines enough that it illuminates a path. A road for others to take, to aspire to follow. The warmth and comfort from these people is more than words alone can describe. And through the pain of loss, there is beauty. A reminder that there has to be something.

In a soul that shines so brightly, so beautifully and so fully in the world, I know, without a doubt… that such a beauty cannot die. That something must be there. It just has to. That there is no way in this vast universe that just an incredible being, existence, energy… could be lost. There has to be something else, somewhere. I cannot say what it is, that I believe in a magical place in the clouds with a spirit letting us all just hang out in a forever of togetherness. But that there is, has to be, something. Something beautiful and everlasting.

And I will miss you friend. With everything within me, I will. But through this, you continue to give me guidance, and hope in life, just as you always have, that there is something beautiful waiting for us all. Because a beautiful soul like yours, can do nothing but live on.


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